Cinnamon Rose

Cinnamon Rose - Hire prices

Hire ItemAmount availablePrice per item
Hire Stunning Large Silver Candelabras (holds 5 candles)10£17.50
Hire Fresh Bay Trees- Approximately 5'96£17.50
Hire Storm Candle Holders 12£6
Very tall display vase; 2 designs10£12
Medium clear glass cube vase18£3
Clear glass votive with tealight120£0.30
Moroccan style cherry, gold & clear tall tealights20£1.00
Wrought Iron pedestals - church and event use2£10
Hire Large Display Vases 6£6
Hire Fishbowl Vases and Glass Cube Vases10£3
Mirrored plates14£3
Tall table centre vases18£8